Q: What is this promotion about?
A: Pirelli are rewarding their valued customers with some great gifts valued at $300 and more when purchasing four (4) Pirelli Cinturato or Scorpion tyres of 17” & above during the promotional period. The reward value for each gift is listed in the table below.
Q:  How do I qualify?
A: Purchase four (4) Pirelli Cinturanto or Scorpion tyres of 17” & above during the promotional period (1st March 2019 – 30th April 2019)
Register online via the retailer’s website or Pirelli website before 15th May 2019 to receive your Pirelli Gift Store Code.

Q When will I receive the Pirelli Gift Store code after registration?
A: The retailer will verify your purchase and email you a Pirelli Gift Store Code within 14 days from registration.
Q: What is the URL for the promotional website?
A: www.pirelligiftstore.com.au
Q:  What rewards are available?A: The below rewards are available to qualified customers.

  Reward Reward Description Reward Value
1 12 Months Unlimited Fun Pass 12 Months pass to attractions on a free/241 or discounted basis $500
2 $1000 Travel Credits $1,000 credits for use on Credit for Travel website against hotels, car hire and leisure activities $1,000
3 $300 Car Wash Pass 2 x Car washes redeemable per month for 14 months $300
4 $300 Harvey Norman Voucher $300 Harvey Norman Voucher to use against a selection of products $300
5 $300 Drummond Golf Voucher $300 Cash value against a selection of golf products $300
6 4 x Free Personal Training 4 Free Sessions (One per month) $300
7 $300 Holiday Cash $300 redeemable against a holiday for 2 ppl with 5 night min stay $300
8 $300 Adrenalin Experience $300 to use against experience rewards, choose fromSky Diving, Scuba Diving, Hot Air Ballooning $300
9 Free Movies for 14 Months One Cinema Ticket each month for 14 months $300

Q:  What do I need to claim my rewards?

  1. Visit www.pirelligiftstore.com.au and click Claim your gift now
  2. Choose your Pirelli Gift and enter your Pirelli Gift Store Code supplied in your email from the participating retailer where you purchased your tyres along with other information.
  3. You will receive an email with your Reward Code for your chosen Pirelli Gift
  4. Follow the instructions in the email to Access Your Gift.

Q: How many times can I use my Pirelli Gift Store code given to me from the retailer?
A: You may use the code once to claim your preferred reward.
Q: I have changed my mind after claiming my gift, can I swap to a different reward?
A: Unfortunately no. Once the gift has been chosen it cannot be swapped for another reward, please choose your gift carefully.
Q: How long is my Pirelli Gift Store Code valid for?
A: You must claim your gift using your Pirelli Gift Store code by 11.59pm 30/6/19, Expiry date extension will not be permitted
Q: Can I claim multiple gifts from The Pirelli Gift Store?
A: You can claim one gift per Pirelli Gift Store code. You can however make multiple purchases to receive a Pirelli Gift Store code each time all qualifying steps are followed by purchasing the (4) Pirelli Cinturato or Scorpion tyres of 17” & above from a participating Bob Jane T-marts, JAX Tyres or a selected independent store and registering again. 
Q: I have not received my reward email, what should I do?
A: Please check your junk email folder for an email from contact@pirelligiftstoretrip.com.au
If it’s still not there, contact our promotional partner TLC Marketing, who will be able to assist. Email contact@pirelligiftstore.com.au and they will get back to you within 3 working days.
Q: Where can I find out more about this offer?
A: Visit the promotional website or contact our promotional partner TLC Marketing, who will be able to assist you via email contact@pirelligiftstore.com.au
Q:  I’ve lost my Pirelli Gift Store code and email, what do I do?
A:  Contact your retailer where you purchased your four (4) Pirelli Cinturato or Scorpion tyres from and they will be able to assist you.

Q: The website is not displaying properly. Help!
A: If the website is not displaying properly, please update your browser using one of the links below:

Q: Got a question about the Pirelli Gift Store Promotion?
A: Contact our promotional partner TLC Marketing on 1800 815 004 or
contact@pirelligiftstore.com.au, their friendly Customer Service Team will be able to assist you.
Q: I need to contact Pirelli about a tyre product I purchased?
A: Contact the Pirelli Marketing team at (02) 9988 6025 or email marketing.au@pirelli.com